1. bit-shifter:

    ALERT ✪ one month from today, I have the honor of being a part of the release party for crashfaster's new album Further. The show takes place 11/14 at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge, where I’ll be joining Trash80, Unwoman, Doctor Popular, Noukon, and of course crashfaster themselves.

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS, so please come and party with us. 

    Event page: http://www.8bitsf.com/2013/10/crashfaster-album-release-party-with.html

    on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/478110748887840

    Our remix of Crashfaster’s “Beacon” will be released along with the album “Further”! Mark your calendars!!


  2. Vines for daaays


  3. Yo wattup


  4. ccrimson:

    Jonesy was way into Math The Band.



  6. skullgreymom:

    im going to die

    This is the cutest thing.

    (via ccrimson)


  7. plays: 29


    Dickin’ around with tapssss.


  8. We were in the studio last week. heh heh heh. <(^_-)>


  9. Chris Crimson - somebeatz

    plays: 29


    Some beatz I made today, hopefully this is the end of my writers block. I’m not done with it yet, tho.



  10. chipcharged2013:

    Major Schedule Update!

    We’re cancelling our Monday (27th) show to improve our budget to host a bigger and better show each day. In replacement, we’re announcing huge after parties after each show, which means more fun and more performances per day! So, our final event will be 2-Days: Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th!

    Saturday, May 25th
    6:00 PM Theta_Frost
    6:30 PM Kkrusty
    7:00 PM Saskrotch
    7:30 PM Watabou
    8:00 PM Noisewaves
    8:30 PM Awkward Terrible

    Sunday, May 26th
    6:00 PM Snesei
    6:30 PM barbeque
    7:00 PM SSD Engage
    7:30 PM AndaruGO
    8:00 PM Monotony
    8:30 PM Mail Order Monsters

    1-Day Passes are currently on discount at $6 until May 19th!

    After Party details are currently available on facebook!


    (Source: chipcharged2013)